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It all began with Hasani and her dancing hair...
saudi dance I'm the dancer in the middle, in the purple thobe. At first I thought the hair on the extreme left belonged to the dancer in red, but her hair is neither that long, nor that color. That's my hair behind her, too!

This dance from Saudi Arabia is sometimes called a "hair dance", because it features the dancers' long, loose hair swinging from side to side, or being tossed around in Figure 8's and circles. It's also known as Khaleeji or Gulf dance. The dance is designed to show off two things: the dancers' hair, and the colorful, highly decorated over-dresses (thobe nashal). This dance is rarely seen in public, and is usually performed by women for (or with) other women.
Click here to see a short video clip of a staged Khaleeji dance, with hair in motion, and yours truly in the middle with my new crop of post-chemo hair. ;-) khaleeji hair dance Click here to see a slideshow of my hair before the Great Chemo Hair Disaster. Photos by Jason Cumiskey. long hair slideshow
Click here to see a hair-tossing intro I threw in at the last minute for a Portland cable access program. hair toss Click here to see a slideshow my hair in all its stages - before chemo, wigs I wore during chemo, and my new hair as it grows back. slideshow

.... And then the hair started dancing other places, too. We had a brief discussion on ETLHS about long hair and carnival rides. My favorite is the Gyro Ride, but loose, long hair is dangerous. I've tried tucking my hair down my shirt, down my sleeve, in my good. Last year the operator put bungee cords around my waist in an effort to keep my hair under control, but in a couple of spins, my hair had slipped out of the bungees and was flying everywhere.

The pic isn't very clear, but I've grabbed my hair at about waist level, and I'm holding it in my right hand as I'm hanging on to the Gyro Ride. It works! Oh, and if you think I'm dressed funny.....I am. I just finished a sword dance for an outdoor festival and I'm wearing a robe over my costume. What you can't see is the walking cast on the broken left foot! ;-)
Gyro Ride

And then there was.....trampoline hair!!

The first Digital Hair project

This is how it all started, folks! I was my own first digital experiment...

The original photo, on the left, was taken when my hair was just above my knees. (My real hair grew to mid-calf length within a few more years.) I doctored the one on the right using Paint Shop Pro to add an additional 10" to my hair. Later realized I had to alter the hair in the mirror to match. Enjoy! Just remember the one on the right isn't real!

before & after

More Digital Hair Victims!

Click thumbnail to see before & after digital hair pix

Mystery Lady
Mystery Woman

Anyone else want me to give it a try with their pic?

If you haven't had enough yet, go to More PaintShop Silliness!

But wait - there's more! The hair saga continues....

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