Oh no!
Hasani's got Trampoline Hair!


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The results so far:

14,708 - Hasani in Zero G
9891 - Hasani, the Troll
9356 - Hasani sticks her finger in the electrical outlet
11,041 - Hasani sees a mouse!
8642 - Hasani just washed her hair and she can't do a thing with it

Vote tally last updated 2/8/2008

Other suggested captions:

"Hasani's reaction when Maury Povich suggests she cut her hair" - Jennifer Eve

"Breathtaking!" - Brian

"Hasani - scared straight!" - Mark

"Big deal. I could do that too if my hair was as long as that." - Chris T.

"Hasani doing her best Buckwheat impression!" - Alex

"I'll try any hairstyle once!" - HaileyLeigh

"Mom, are you sure you want people to see that?" - M.

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