Yanno, everyone told me I should just go ahead and cut my hair off when
I started chemo and save myself the heartache of watching it turn into a mess and fall out.

They were right.

But I Just. Could. Not. Do it.

Sooo....my hair turned into a mess.....and fell out. Sigh.

See a slideshow of my performance hair before, during, and after the big bad chemo year.

Can you tell which is my "before" hair, which is a wig, and which is my new-grown hair? ;-)
Long Hair Slideshow

Fast-forward from the Great Hair Disaster of 2002 to the new hair of 2004!

The good news is my hair grows fast.....and it's growing back curly!

Check it out - a few twists with my fingers when I get out of the shower, and when it dries I've got the Shirley Temple thing going on. ;-)

No styling products - just L'Oreal Liss Extreme shampoo and conditioner!

Well, I've discovered the worst thing you can do with curly hair is try and brush it straight - aaaack!
July 2004
Hair 2005August 20052005 - A year later, and now it's way past the elbows!

It still curls, but not as radically as when it was shorter - must be the weight as my hair grows.

Salon-grade L'Oreal is still my best friend. I ran out recently and used supermarket shampoo in a pinch - never again!

I also had to make two changes to protect my growing hair from stress and breakage: no more purse over the shoulder, and no more balancing my sword on my bare head!

August 2006 update

Hasani hair Aug 06Hasani hair Aug 06Hasani hair Aug 06
Want to see this hair in motion?

November 2006 update - the same stage 3 months later....

Hasani hair Nov 06Hasani hair Nov 06Hasani hair Nov 06

The longer it gets, the straighter it gets at the top. At this length I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again - only better!

I keep my hair in a slight U-shape and have it trimmed 2 or 3 times a year. I also treat myself to a deep conditioning every couple of months - I highly recommend it!

Hasani hair June 07

August 2007 update - going for a straighter cut

Hasani hair Aug 07Hasani hair Aug 07Hasani hair Aug 07

See it spin! Slow hair spin

Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine! ;-)

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