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       Mystery Lady

"Before & After" pix of Valentine, a fellow ETLHS member.
Alteration was done using Paint Shop Pro 4.14, and a little determination. ;-)




This is Cher, another ETLHS member.
I saw two different ways to electronically lengthen her hair, and they both came out rather well.
In the second pic the braid was lengthened from the top...and in the third one it was lengthened from the bottom.

Cher x 3

Cher had a truly dreadful experience with damage to her hair caused by well water, of all things! Cher wrote an eye-opening article for The Hair Boutique ™, and you can find it here: Hair Hazards Of Well Water

This is Karen from The Hair Boutique, and also from ETLHS

Karen x 3

Karen has a site devoted to hair and hair care, and it's one of the kewlest, most extensive ones around. I've been visiting The Hair Boutique™ for months, and I still haven't seen everything yet!

Our Mystery Lady chooses to remain anonymous on the web.
I hadn't worked with this hair type until now, and I must say this was the most difficult digital extension so far. I learned a number of techniques in the process, though, and I enjoyed every minute of it! ;-)

Mystery Lady

For more than you ever wanted to know about hair, visit

The Hair Boutique - "Banishing Bad Hair Days"

Anyone else want me to give it a try with their pic?

For another altered pic, go to More PaintShop Silliness

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