Female Names That Mean "Love"

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African     Back to top
  • Lololi "There is always love (West African)"

Anglo Saxon     Back to top
  • Darel "Tenderly loved"
  • Darelene "Tenderly loved"
  • Darelle "Tenderly loved"
  • Darlene "Tenderly loved"
  • Darline "Tenderly loved"
  • Daryl "Tenderly loved"

Arabic     Back to top
  • Amala "Bird; Beloved."
  • Arub "Loves her husband"
  • Aruba "Loves her husband"
  • Ashika "Passionate lover"
  • Ashiqa "Passionate lover"
  • Aziza "Cherished; Beloved"
  • Hababa "Beloved"
  • Habiba "Beloved "
  • Hayam "Deleriously in love"
  • Kalila "Dearly loved, darling, sweetheart"
  • Mahbouba "Beloved, well liked"
  • Mambuba "Beloved, well liked"
  • Olfa "Love, harmony"
  • Sababa "Excessive love"
  • Sababah "Excessive love"
  • Ulfa "Love, harmony"
  • Wedad "Love, friendship"
  • Widad "Love"
  • Wisal "Communion in love"

Celtic     Back to top
  • Grania "Love"
  • Kennocha "Lovely"
  • Morna "Dearly loved or tender"

Czechoslovakian     Back to top
  • Ludmila "Loved by the people"
  • Milada "My love"

Egyptian     Back to top
  • Femi "Love"
  • Habibah "Loved"
  • Ife "Love"
  • Mert ekert "Lover of silence"
  • Ojufemi "Beloved of the gods"
  • Olufemi "Beloved of the gods"

English     Back to top
  • Amia "Beloved."
  • Amie "Beloved."
  • Amy "Beloved."
  • Charis "Dear one, darling"
  • Charity "Benevolent goodwill and love."
  • Cherese "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheresse "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherice "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherisa "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherise "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherissa "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherrell "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherrill "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheryl "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheryll "Dear one, darling"
  • Danylynn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darla "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darleane "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darleen "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darleena "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darlene "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darlina "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darolyn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darrellyn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darrill "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darryll "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Daryl "Dearly loved."
  • Darylene "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Daryll "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darylyn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Daveen "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davia "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davianna "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davida "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davina "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davine "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davinia "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davita "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davonna "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davy "Beloved." Feminine of David."
  • Davynn "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Luvena "Little beloved one"
  • Luvina "Little beloved one"
  • Luvyna "Little beloved one"
  • Maitane "Dearly loved"
  • Maite "Dearly loved"
  • Maitena "Dearly loved"
  • Manda "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandalyn "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandi "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandie "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandy "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."

Farsi     Back to top
  • Nazneen "Exquisitely beautiful; charming. A name used for a beloved woman"

French     Back to top
  • Aimee "Dearly loved. Variant of Amy."
  • Amata "Dearly loved"
  • Amedee "Loves God"
  • Ami "Dearly loved"
  • Amia "Beloved."
  • Amie "Beloved."
  • Amy "Dearly loved; Beloved."
  • Charee "Dear one, darling"
  • Cher "Dear one, darling"
  • Chere "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheree "Dear one, darling
  • Chereen "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherell "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheri "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherie "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherina "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherine "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherita "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherree "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherelle "Dear one, darling"

German     Back to top
  • Holda "Beloved"
  • Holde "Beloved"
  • Holle "Beloved"
  • Hulda "Beloved; Warfare."
  • Hulde "Beloved"
  • Mina "Love"
  • Mindy "Love"
  • Minna "Love"
  • Minne "Love"

Greek     Back to top
  • Aphrodite "Goddess of love"
  • Philomena "Greatly loved"
  • Philomina "Greatly loved"
  • Thais "Beloved"
  • Theophilia "Loved by God"

Hawaiian     Back to top
  • Halia "Remembrance of a loved one."
  • Kalei "The flower wreath; the beloved."

Hebrew     Back to top
  • Ahava "Dearly loved"
  • Ahave "Dearly loved"
  • Ahuda "Dearly loved"
  • Ahuva "Dearly loved"
  • Chaviva "Dearly loved"
  • Chavive "Dearly loved"
  • Tivona "Love's nature"
  • Vida "Dearly loved"
  • Vidette "Dearly loved"

Hindi     Back to top
  • Hita "Loveable"

Irish     Back to top
  • Asthore "Loved one"
  • Caoimhe "Lovely and charming"
  • Kevay "Lovely and charming"
  • Merna "Beloved"
  • Morna "Beloved"
  • Muirne "Beloved"
  • Myma "Beloved"

Italian     Back to top
  • Cara "Beloved"
  • Carina "Beloved"
  • Filomena "Loves mankind. Beloved." Variant of Philomena."

Japanese     Back to top
  • Ai "Love"
  • Aiko "Love child, child of love"

Latin     Back to top
  • Cara "Doe; Beloved."
  • Caralea "Beloved."
  • Caralee "Beloved."
  • Caralisa "Beloved."
  • Carella "Beloved."
  • Carena "Little darling"
  • Cari "Beloved."
  • Cariana "Little darling"
  • Carillie "Beloved."
  • Carin "Little darling"
  • Carina "Little darling"
  • Carine "Little darling"
  • Carinna "Little darling"
  • Carita "Giving; Beloved."
  • Carrina "Little darling"
  • Charity "Giving. Benevolent goodwill and love."
  • Davida "Dearly loved"
  • Venita "Goddess of love and beauty"
  • Venus "Goddess of love and beauty"

Norse     Back to top
  • Frigga "Goddess of matrimonial love"
  • Torunn "Mother of Bishop of Bjorn "Thor's love"
  • Unn "Love"
  • Unne "Love"

Persian     Back to top
  • Azarmidokht "Beloved daughter"
  • Banuhufriya Loving lady
  • Delara "Beloved"
  • Delbar "Keeper of the heart, lover, heart-ravisher"
  • Delnavaz "Caresser of the heart"
  • Delruba Ravishing of the heart
  • Fila "Lover"
  • Freny "Beloved"
  • Friya "Beloved"
  • Friyana "Beloved"
  • Habibeh "Beloved"
  • Hufriya "One who possesses much love"
  • Meher "Sun, love, friendship, kindness, justice"
  • Meherafraz "Exalted by love"
  • Meherafrid "Created by love"
  • Meherafruz "Kindled by love"
  • Meherangiz "One who created love"
  • Meherbanu "Lady of love"
  • Nazanin "Sweetheart"
  • Negar "Sweetheart"
  • Rozmeher "Day of love and light"
  • Salma "Sweetheart"
  • Shahnaz "The king's favorite, the king's beloved"
  • Sheyda "Lovesick"
  • Vispanfriva "Beloved of all"

Russian     Back to top
  • Ljudumilu "Beloved"
  • Luda "Love of the people"
  • Ludmila "Love of the people"
  • Ludmilla "Beloved"
  • Lyubochka "Love of the people"
  • Lyudmila "Love of the people"
  • Lyuha "Love of the people"
  • Mila "People's love"
  • Milena "People's love"

Sanskrit     Back to top
  • Kama "Love"

Scandinavian     Back to top
  • Asta "Love"
  • Freya "Mythological wife of Odin and goddess of love and fertility"
  • Frigg "Beloved"
  • Hulda "Weasel; loveable"
  • Kari "Dear, valued, loved (KAH-ree)"
  • Karita "Dear, valued, loved"
  • Sjofn "Love (SYOH-fn)"
  • Torrun "Loved by Thor (TORR-un)"
  • Unn "Love (oon)"

Spanish     Back to top
  • Amada "Beloved."
  • Amor "Love"
  • Amora "Love"
  • Cari "Short for Caridad, meaning darling or beloved"
  • Carida "Darling, beloved"
  • Caridad "Darling, beloved"
  • Maite "Love"
  • Maitea "Love"
  • Querida "Beloved"

Teutonic     Back to top
  • Adabel "Lovely or happy"
  • Adhelle "Lovely or happy"
  • Alvera "Dearly loved"
  • Alverna "Dearly loved"
  • Alvernia "Dearly loved"
  • Alvina "Dearly loved"
  • Alvinia "Dearly loved"
  • Alvira "Dearly loved"

Turkish     Back to top
  • Afet "Loveable"
  • Canan "Beloved (pronounced jah-NAHN)"
  • Janan "Beloved"
  • Sevda "Love"

Welsh     Back to top
  • Anghard "Loved greatly"
  • Gwener "Welsh form of Venus "goddess of love"

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