Female "Fire" Names

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Arabic     Back to top
  • Niran "Flames"
  • Nuri "Fire"
  • Nuria "Fire"

Armenian     Back to top
  • Hourig "Small fire"

Celtic     Back to top
  • Aine "Fire or joy"
  • Aithne "Fire"
  • Ea "Fire"
  • Edna "Fire"
  • Eithne "Little fire"
  • Ena "Passionate or fiery"
  • Enya "Little fire"
  • Etain "Little fire"
  • Ethne "Fire"
  • Keegan "Small and fiery, bright flame"
  • Kegan "Bright shining flame"

Czechoslovakian     Back to top
  • Basia "Fire"

English     Back to top
  • Brande "Firebrand"
  • Ember "The smoldering remains of a fire"
  • Kenna "Born of fire"

French     Back to top
  • Cendrillion "Of the ashes"
  • Cinderella "Of the ashes"

Gaelic     Back to top
  • Ea "Fire"
  • Edana "Fiery, tiny flame"
  • Eideann "Fiery"
  • Eithne "Little fire"
  • Enya "Little fire"
  • Keegan "Small and fiery, bright flame"
  • Kegan "Bright shining flame"

German     Back to top
  • Blas "Firebrand"
  • Blasa "Firebrand"

Greek     Back to top
  • Celosia "Burning"
  • Effie "Fair flame"
  • Electra "The fiery sun"
  • Elektra "The fiery sun"
  • Pyralis "Of fire"
  • Tana "Fire or star goddess"

Hawaiian     Back to top
  • Kalama "Flaming torch"
  • Keahi "Flames, fire"

Hebrew     Back to top
  • Adar "Fire"
  • Adara "Fire"
  • Nuri "Flaming lights
  • Nuria "God's fire"
  • Serafine "Burning fire"
  • Seraphina "Burning fire"
  • Seraphine "Burning fire"
  • Serefina "Burning fire"

Hindi     Back to top
  • Banhi "Fire"
  • Idris "Fiery"
  • Jwala "Flame"
  • Jyotika "Light, flame"
  • Udipti "On fire"
  • Vahni "Fire"

Indian     Back to top
  • Anala "Fiery"
  • Angarika "Flame of the forest"
  • Arati "Divine fire in a ritual"
  • Jyoti "Flame, lamp"
  • Vanhi "Fire"
  • Vanhishikha "Flame"

Irish     Back to top
  • Adan "Little fire"
  • Adeen "Little fire"
  • Aidan "Little fire"
  • Aideen "Little fire"
  • Edana "Fire"
  • Eithna "Fire"
  • Ena "Fire"
  • Etain "Little fire"
  • Etney "Fire"
  • Luighseach "Burning fire"

Italian     Back to top
  • Iniga "Fiery"

Latin     Back to top
  • Ardere "Fire"
  • Calida "Fiery"
  • Callida "Fiery"
  • Fia "Short for Fiametta, little fiery one"
  • Fiametta "Little fiery one"
  • Fiamette "Little fiery one"
  • Igantia "Fiery"
  • Ignacia "Fiery"
  • Iniga "Fiery"
  • Neci "Fiery, passionate"
  • Necia "Fiery, passionate"
  • Vesta "Goddess of sacred fire and of the hearth"

Native American     Back to top
  • Chante-peta "Fire heart (Sioux)"
  • Keezheekoni "Burning fire (Cheyenne)"
  • Keezheekoni "Burning fire (Chippewa)"

Norse     Back to top
  • Elda "Fire woman"
  • Eldrid "Fiery spirit"

Persian     Back to top
  • Aturdokht "Daughter of fire"
  • Azar "Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar"
  • Golnar "Red flower, center of a flame"
  • Shaleh "Flame"
  • Sholeh "Fire, flame"
  • Souzan "Burning, flaming"
  • Tarsa "Worshipper of fire; also a Christian"

Spanish     Back to top
  • Ignacia "Fire"

Teutonic     Back to top
  • Brendika "Fire"
  • Brendike "Fire"
  • Brenna "Blazing light"
  • Brenneka "Fire"
  • Brenneke "Fire"
  • Orinda "Fire serpent"

Turkish     Back to top
  • Alev "Flame"
  • Atesh "Flame"
  • Nuraya "Fire"
  • Nuriye "Fire"

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